The BushelPlus MiniCombine, Your Key to Effortless Harvesting

Experience Unmatched Efficiency, Savings, Reliability, and Safety with the BushelPlus MiniCombine

Streamlined Organization

Say goodbye to harvest chaos and embrace a new era of organization with the BushelPlus MiniCombine. Its intuitive design and seamless operation ensure that your harvesting process is smooth, efficient, and well-coordinated, allowing you to optimize your time and resources effectively.

Maximizing Savings

The BushelPlus MiniCombine is not just a machine; it’s a cost-saving companion for your farming endeavours. By streamlining your harvest process and enhancing productivity, this innovative equipment helps you save valuable resources, time, and effort, translating into tangible and meaningful savings for your operations.

Unwavering Reliability

In the unpredictable world of farming, reliability is non-negotiable. With the BushelPlus MiniCombine, you can rest assured that each harvest will be met with consistency, precision, and unwavering reliability. Trust in its robust design and cutting-edge technology to deliver results you can depend on season after season.

Safety Above All Else

Safety is paramount in every farming operation, and the BushelPlus MiniCombine prioritizes your well-being without compromise. Equipped with advanced safety features and built to meet the highest standards, this machine ensures a secure and protected harvest experience for you and your team, allowing you to work with confidence and peace of mind.

BushelPlus MiniCombine
  • Aluminum case
  • Charger
  • Two 1,000 ml pots
  • Li-lo 14.4 V battery
  • Three concaves – 12×32 for Faba bean, 10.5×23.5 for Peas, 3.5×7 for Small Seeds
  • One mounted concave 5×20
  • User guide
  • 1 cap
$2019.00 PLUS TAX

Embrace Efficiency, Savings, and Safety with the BushelPlus MiniCombine