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Precision Technology and Data Management

Precision Technology and Data Management continue to advance within the agriculture industry, providing producers with the best possible data-driven solutions. Understanding and using available technology options has never been more critical to achieving your operational goals.

The Precision Ag team at Nelson Motors and Equipment understands the importance of connecting you to technology and supporting the products you use. That's why they support growers using John Deere Operations Center™.  Operations Center™ links you to your fleet and to your partners. It provides tools to help you set up, plan, monitor and analyze your work. Make data- informed decisions quickly, see what is happening now, and make better decisions on the next project or in the next season.

Grower Support Packages

Customized Grower Support Packages will help you familiarize yourself with the Operations Center interface and provide confidence in navigating your digital operation.

Choose from two customized grower support packages that best suit your needs:


Customer Call Support

Validate Software/Update

Verify Operations Center Set Up

Set Up Operation Center

In Field Support

  • Your PA specialist will join you in the cab of your equipment and offer support.

Data Retrieval & Management

  • Ensure documentation & data from you John Deere displays or any qualifying 3rd party monitors are uploaded into your Operations Center.

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Customer Call Support

Verify Operations Center Set Up

Validate Software/Update

Set Up Operation Center

In Field Support

Machine Optimization

  • 2 Drop Pans included

Data Retrieval & Management

Data Clean Up

  • Remove unnecessary data to make room for the upcoming season.

Operations Center

  • Data & organization review
  • Create field boundaries
  • Prepare guidance lines
  • Organize field selections
  • Organize equipment data
  • Set up files / Work Planner

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How-To videos

101 Introduction to Operations Center Web

John Deere Operations Center™ is a farm management software that connects you to your field, crop, and machine data anywhere, anytime. Our goal is to help you learn how to use the Operations Center so that you can begin to leverage precision ag technology in your farming operation with confidence.

How To Access Equipment

In this video we will demonstrate how to access and utilize your equipment in John Deere Operations Center™.

How To Access Fields

In this video we will demonstrate how to access and utilize the fields list in Operations Center.

How to Edit Precision Ag Data in Field Analyzer

In this video, you will learn how to edit Tillage, Seeding, and Application Operations, as well as Post Calibrate and Multi-Machine Calibration in Harvest Operations.

207 Creating Machine Reports

Machine Reports is a tool that lets you create and schedule insightful reports for your JDLink™ connected equipment. These reports allow you to easily analyze utilization and other data measurements on a regular basis.

Equipment Mobile App

In this video we will highlight the Equipment Mobile app, how it connects operators to their equipment for easier operation and maintenance, and access resources and tools to help prepare for the job needed.

How To Clean Up Your Fields List in Land

This video shows a best practice for cleaning up land assets in Operations Center™.

103 Setting Up Your Team

Having control over who has access to your data in your Operations Center™ organization is important. The Team tool allows you to manage your staff members and partners by assigning them appropriate access levels that reflect their role in your business. This eliminates information overload and allows staff and partners to focus on what matters most.

How to Use Property Center

Property Center gives you a simplified way to manage your overall experience with John Deere, your equipment, your Dealer, and the jobs that you do.

How to Add, Edit, and View RTK Base Station Information

In this video we will show you how to create and edit RTK base stations for fields in the Generation 4 Display. We will also show how you can view the RTK base station information that has been imported into Operations Center.

Our Precision AG Experts

Crystal Daniel

Precision Ag Specialist

Kylar Ward

Precision Ag Specialist

Tim Cooper

Precision Ag Manager

Colby Magotiaux

Precision Ag Specialist

Justiss Daoust

Precision Ag Specialist

Alysia Cann

Customer Support Specialist