Simplify Seasonal Planning: Introducing the New ‘Summary’ Tab in Work Planner

Improve your early-season planning by assigning crops to fields efficiently. With the new “Summary” tab in Work Planner, you can easily begin basic work planning and add more details as fieldwork approaches.

Start by assigning crops to fields on the map and gradually enhance your work plans by including varieties, rates, prescription maps, and additional details. This allows you to develop a comprehensive plan before the season begins while maintaining the flexibility to adjust as you progress.

The new “Summary” tab for seeding offers the following benefits:

  • Effortless start: Assign crops to multiple fields simultaneously during the initial planning phase. Assigning crop types to fields automatically generates work plans in the “Planned” tab of the work list.
  • Crop rotation planning: View crop rotations for each field using previous seeding data.
  • Streamlined sharing: Visualize and print the season’s crop plan in a map view, showcasing varieties, planned area, crop split, and the number of fields. Share this comprehensive plan with your operators.
  • Continuous refinement: As more details become available, enhance your work plans by adding varieties, rates, prescriptions, and additional details.


Helpful Information:

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Learn how to use Work Planner and send work plans to your Gen 4/G5 display.


Tailor your view of Equipment with new columns and management features


Optimize the usefulness of Equipment in Operations Center with enhanced customization options.

Now, you have more control over the information presented in Equipment. Discover new columns that provide crucial details about your equipment. Additionally, utilize the “Manage Columns” feature to tailor your view by selecting only the columns that are most relevant to you.


The introduction of new columns offers the following benefits:

  • Access to more equipment information: Stay well-informed with a wider range of equipment details at your fingertips. Newly added columns include:
    • Engine Hours: Track service requirements, rental hours remaining, and warranty status.
    • Last Seen: Ensure all equipment is properly connected and communicating.
    • Year: Easily determine the model year using the serial number.
    • Paired Modem: Confirm the correct JDLink™ modem is paired with the corresponding machine.
  • Efficient management: Focus on what matters most to you by utilizing the “Manage Columns” feature. Select and display only the columns that are essential for your needs, enhancing your efficiency while using Equipment.


Helpful information:

To explore these new features, access Equipment in Operations Center or Property Center, or directly visit the Equipment tool at Equipment Tool.

For a comprehensive overview of equipment setup, watch our informative how-to video: How-to Video Link.