Optimizing Field Boundaries and Data Management

Are you looking to streamline your field boundaries and data management to make the most of advanced agricultural technologies? Keeping your fields organized while efficiently removing unneeded boundaries is essential for maximizing the use of cutting-edge features and maintaining a clean dataset. Here’s how you can easily review and declutter boundaries in order to make way for new, innovative features and advancements in agriculture technology.

Removing Unneeded Boundaries for Enhanced Efficiency

You can easily remove boundaries that are no longer required without impacting your fields or the associated data. By removing unneeded boundaries, you can ensure a clean slate for importing new boundaries, including driven boundaries. Driven boundaries, created with SF-RTK, enable you to leverage valuable automation features such as Section Control, AutoPath™, AutoTrac™ Turn Automation, and more.

Archive and Delete: A Simple Process

The process of removing boundaries involves archiving them before deletion. This straightforward process can be carried out through the Land in Operations Center or by visiting the http://Land-Manager.Deere.com website. Here’s a quick way to identify and manage fields with multiple boundaries and archive them for a streamlined boundary management process.

Archiving Boundaries for Easy Management

Upon entering the “Boundaries” tab for a specific field, you can easily select and archive the boundaries you wish to remove. A checkbox system lets you pinpoint the boundaries to be archived, and upon confirmation, they are successfully archived for future reference or deletion. Remember to exercise caution when selecting all boundaries to avoid accidentally removing the currently active boundary.


Reviewing and Deleting the Archived Boundaries

After archiving the boundaries, you can review and manage them efficiently using the smart filter in the “Boundaries” tab. This allows you to selectively delete or restore archived boundaries as needed. By following a few simple steps, you can clear out unnecessary boundaries and ensure that your fields and associated data remain intact throughout the process.

Prepare for New Boundaries and Advanced Technologies

Now that you have effectively managed your boundaries and data, you are well-prepared to introduce new boundaries and capitalize on the advanced technologies offered by John Deere. To further explore these functionalities and enhance your operational efficiency, be sure to visit the John Deere Help Documentation or check out the how-to videos in the John Deere Operations Center™ to unlock the full potential of your agricultural operations.


If you have any questions or need further guidance, please contact our Precision Agriculture team.