Farm Safety Everyday: Celebrating Canadian Agriculture Safety Week

This week, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association celebrates ‘Farm Safety Everyday.’ This week, March 13 – 19, is a time to celebrate and bring awareness to safety in agriculture. There are a lot of safe farms here in southeastern Saskatchewan that make safety a priority, but there is more work to be done.

Organizers are calling on farmers, ranchers, farm families, farmworkers, and farming communities to implement farm safety plans, talk about farm safety and value farm safety every day.

“Safe farms are strong farms; we try and help our customers be as safe as they can be,” shared Jaret Nelson, General Manager of Nelson Motors and Equipment.

Nelson Motors and Equipment practices farm safety in multiple ways; their service team inspects equipment before it leaves our shops, they advise customers if something could put them at risk or something that may need addressing in the future.

Nelson added, “Each of our five locations has an OH&S team who use provincial legislation to implement policies and procedures to keep the team working safely.”

Safety is important to Nelson Motors and Equipment and they want to remind their communities to make it a priority too.

Learn more: Canadian Agricultural Safety Association – We envision a Canada where farm families thrive in a safe, productive agricultural sector that is rich, robust and resilient. (