Building great Ag Communities: One Student at a Time

When you work with students, you have a significant community impact, and it’s something that Nelson Motors and Equipment (NME) gets behind. The partnership between businesses and students is great because it allows students to get hands-on experience. At the same time, we develop our staff with mentorship, build our talent pipeline and get support on projects. 

Years ago, NME was approached by the regional school divisions and was asked to participate in the Career and Work Exploration (CWEX) program. A program that enables students to learn about themselves, the world of work, and the numerous occupational choices available to them. NME saw it as a win-win. So did a recent participant, Brlyan Rasmusson, a grade ten student from Midale Central School 

We sat down with Brylan to get his take on the program. 


Q.  Tell me a little about yourself. 

A. I am a grade 10 student at Midale Central School. I live on my family farm. It’s a mixture of grain and cattle. 

Q.  Do you know what you want to do when you are finished school? 

A. No, not exactly. That’s why I am taking this CWEX program and chose Nelson Motors and Equipment as my placement. I know my long-term dream is to take over for my Dad on our family farm, but getting there, I’m not sure what that looks like. Mechanics, Welding, Ag tech, Precision Ag, Agronomy, there are so many options. I need to see what suits me. 


Q.  What have you done while working here so far? 

A. Well, I’ll spend a week here. The first few days, I worked on a new X9 combine which was pretty cool. We have the model one step down from this at home, so it’s cool to see the next best model and work on it.  

Then I got to help with a sprayer; they showed me the diagnostics and technology tools they use to check the equipment. I liked that, too, because the tools are JD tools; it’s not every day you get to see the best of the best.  

And later this week, I’ll get to help with a GreenLight Inspection. I’ll review the checklists and help ensure the equipment is ready for that producer next time they use it.  


Q.  What is the best thing you have learned so far? 

A. I’d say probably how to prepare for the job. We get all our tools ready, the parts, then get at it. I like learning the process, not just doing it. The techs here make sure they’re getting the job done on time and that its done right. That surprised me. The process is like a well-oiled machine. 


Q.  Is there anything that you would share with others that are thinking of taking the CWEX program? 

A. I’d encourage them to join. The hands-on experience is awesome. It gives you a great idea of what you want or don’t want to do in the future. Some of my older friends told me about their experience, now they have jobs in the field they chose, and some even at the place they did their work experience at.  

Specifically, at Nelson Motors and Equipment, everyone I’ve worked with is stand-up. The techs in the shop like to get my hands dirty and love sharing bits of knowledge with me. I’d tell others to ask as many questions as possible and not be afraid to dive in.