Box Blade and Land Planes: but which one to choose?

The Box Blade and Land Plane are valuable tools capable of handling tasks around your property. But which attachment is right for you?

When comparing Box Blades and Land Planes, you need to identify the strengths of each before determining which blade best suits your needs. You might even want them both! Here’s the breakdown:

What is a Box Blade?

Shaped like a three-sided metal box, a Box Blade is an attachment for the back of a Compact Utility Tractor. It is a handy implement that can be used for levelling, grading, backfilling or spreading materials such as gravel or soil. Front and rear scraping blades are on the bottom of the back panel. The Box Blade is fitted with scarifiers that dig into the ground and break up the earth.

Box Blades can be used to reshape and grade driveways, lanes and yards, carrying material. It is used to move a lot of dirt—even snow, pushing it back or pulling it forwards.



What is a Land Plane?

Land Plane may not be as versatile as a Box Blade, but that doesn’t mean this implement is less effective at grading and levelling. Land Planes are very easy to use and consist of dual forward-cutting blades that contact the ground simultaneously. Dirt and gravel flow over the top of the edges, feeding out the back. Then, material builds up between the two end plates and flows evenly and freely across its width once the Land Plane is full, leaving a smooth surface.

Land Planes are frequently used to smooth gravel roads or driveways.



Ok, but which one?

Generally, choosing between a Box Blade and a Land Plane depends on the material you’re working with and the task at hand. If you are smoothing out a gravel road, go with the Land Plane. But if you want to move dirt or another material from one point to another, opt for the Box Blade, which can carry more material than the Land Plane, which means making fewer trips.

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